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Play lights up your North Star and activates your internal GPS, what I'm really saying is that Joy frees you up to listen to your gut - your inner guide.

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Grace Harry

The more I played and practiced my Joy, the more I realized how bizarre societal beliefs, All the shoulds and shouldn’ts had been getting in my way.

GRACE HARRY is an artist, entrepreneur, creative muse, pleasure instigator, and speaker. After an illustrious thirty-year career in entertainment, Grace, the Joy Strategist, found her calling leading what she calls “the Revolution of JOY.”

Through her popular playdate community “Play with Grace,” she helps everyday people welcome JOY back into their lives.

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The Joy Strategist is tremendously enlightening, I’ve read many books that deal with self love and roads to happiness but Grace Harry has a very special powerful way for us to reach our best selves and actually achieve joy in our lives.

QuestLove/ Ahmir Thompson

“History shows often that for every revolution, there is a person who plants the seeds of that revoluton inthe minds of the people who matter. In the last few decades, Grace Harry has been planting the seeds of her ideas in the minds of the most influential leaders in culture, business and politics. The beautiful thing about these seeds is that they don’tneed to be planted too deep. They are actuallysimple. Grace has always conveyed to me the importance of prioritizing joy and play so that lifedoesn’t get too drab or serious. She has always reminded me that the curious mind of an eight-year old is unstoppable, and that we need to do our best to get back to that. Having personally used the contents of this book as my GPS for the last five years, I highly recommend to each and every soul to not make “joy” a four-letter word. Prioritize it. Practice it. Protect it, and let it protect you.”"

Julia Khan

Throughout our professional and personal relationship which spans decades, I know Grace to be many wonderful things but generous of spirit is chief among them. The arrival of her book,“The Joy Strategist”, is no exception to that first nature of hers, which is to give freely. In this book she bravely and warmly shares her story and hard-earned wisdom with loads of practical advice. Plainly Grace wants everyone to have a LOT more joy in their lives, and has taken the trouble to give us a roadmap, despite the vulnerability it took to do so. I am grateful and know countless others will be as well.

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Joy Strategist, Your Path to Inner Change
A prescriptive on how to re-discover joy and live with it in our personal, professional, and creative lives, written by a top music executive who guided the careers of legendary hip-hop, R&B, and pop singers.

In her thirty years working as a music industry executive at Island Def Jam and Jive Records, Grace Harry has lived her many creative lives at the intersection of music, art, and the passionate pursuit of joy—a long forgotten, but vital birthright.